Appointed by the Assemblies of God as Commonwealth Evangelist for several years.

Has pioneered several churches and was enabled by God to build one of the largest churches in Australia that reached over 2,000 in worship Sunday morning, ministering in total to approximately 3,500 people. This Church grew from an initial 38 members, with only 100 in attendance. He Pastored this work for 20 years. He also commenced a School of Ministry (degree program) in which he pioneered a new concept consisting of the local School and Extension Schools all over Australia with over 500 students in all. This School is still operating today.

Conducted a daily television program in Australia for 15 years and radio programs.

Served on many International Boards such as Haggai Institute, World Literature Crusade, National Advisory Board of Women’s Aglow in Australia, and Member of Executive Board of the Assemblies of God in Australia for 13 years.

United States
Pastored Evangelistic Temple, one of the oldest Spirit-filled interdenominational churches in Houston, Texas, for nearly 10 years. He also commenced a School of Ministry (degree program) at Evangelistic Temple.

Conducted two 30-minute weekly television programs and 2 daily half hour radio sessions in Houston, Texas (USA).

Has appeared on many television programs including “The 700 Club” and together with his wife hosted many of the local Houston Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” programs.

Ministered for six months in Germany and Switzerland, and for a further six months in the United Kingdom.

Serves on Dr Cho’s Church Growth International Board and has traveled across the nations with Church Growth Seminars. He has often preached in Dr Cho’s church, which is the largest church in the world of 750,000 members.

Has ministered on most continents of the world.
Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.,Portugal, France, Kazakhstan.
Africa: Nigeria, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Ghana.
South America: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile. Colombia, Panama.
North America: Canada, United States of America.
Asia: Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines.
Pacific: New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and throughout Australia.
These have either been major crusades and/or leadership conferences. In Africa he has ministered to crowds of up to 60,000, with thousands of souls saved.

God has powerfully used him in a healing ministry through which many have been touched by the healing power of Christ. Many testimonies have been shared of healing of cancer, asthma, arthritis, and countless other diseases.

He is a strong Word preacher and is known for his ability to expound the Word of God.

Vision for the future
Has been powerfully touched by God in the present revival, and has been used by God in initiating revival in various parts of the world. He regularly sees the presence and the glory of God manifested in his meetings.

Has a passion to see churches empowered for growth and to assist the Pastors and have them greatly affected for revival in these last days. Dr Klimionok has received several open visions of revival and believes that there is a great move of God coming across the world. For this reason, God has thrust him out to touch churches and the nations. He believes that this present move is merely the springboard of what God wants to do in the future, and is excited about what He will achieve in the life of the Church.

Has deep convictions as to how a Church can grow, particularly through prayer (a certain kind of prayer), life-style soul winning and many other powerful principles. of transformation.

Conducts Healing Services and Leadership Conferences.

Presently negotiating for television programs throughout Europe, Middle East, U.S.A. and Australia.

KMI is also strongly involved in global humanitarian causes. At this present time projects are underway for South Africa, Malawi; other African countries, India, China, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Kazakhstan and Indonesia, just to name a few. Major research, project work and legal entities have been established to achieve success in these projects. Major food aid is being distributed in South Africa, with plans underway to alleviate the food crisis in Malawi. This is only in its begining stages although much effort, research and travel has and is being expended to establish a good foundation for humanitarian purposes.


Pastor Duncan, Elizabeth & Dr Reg Klimionok